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  • Decreased costs by reduced clerical effort and less paper usage
  • Faster response time by increasing speed of document transfer and automatic document treatment and thereby increasing response time.
  • Reduced errors, improved error detection, increased efficiency, and increased information integrity by reducing manual data-entry errors, discrepancies, and misinterpretations.
  • Customer service improvement by strengthening the link with your trading partner.
  • Accessible at all time = can be executed automatically after the work period
  • Improved delivery of goods as orders will be processed more quickly and accurately.
  • Free access to  Bellidic-platform and free use of Bellidic-Client-Application.
  • Easy DIY-installation of the Bellidic-client application with technical assistance if needed.
  • Low-cost connection from and to external EDI platforms.
  • Low-cost connection using other communication protocols.
  • Enhanced reliability and traceability
  • The clear and simple Bellidic Standard limits the cost of interface development with your ERP-software
  • Opportunity of using your preferred EDI-standard with the free automatic convertor on the Bellidic-Platform.
  • Increase of efficiency by using the same EDI-standards and same communication tool with all of your trading partners.
  • Direct support and help from the members of the Technical Workgroup