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When sending electronic data, the formats must be well defined to make them exchangeable and readable between partners and enable automated processing.
The ‘Bellidic-format' describes the messages in a  simple fixed text format (fixed format flat file). This format is very simple to use and is readable by all computer systems.
The other listed format is a subset of EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport). This international standard was set for electronic data exchange in trade and industry but is much more complex than the Bellidic format.
A translation in Bellidic.XML or other XML standards is also possible.
Bellidic keeps the 2 formats fully compatible. This allows an automatic translation of exchanged documents on the Bellidic-server according to the needs of the Bellidic members.
At the moment 5 formats are used:

  • e_Orders
  • e_OrderResponses
  • e_Backorders
  • e_DeliveryNotes
  • e_Invoices

Bellidic and Edifact formats users’ guides are both available on the website.