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Bellidic was born in 1984. Bellidic users were going to automate the processing of orders to avoid double work, and accordingly, to reduce costs.
At that time, the members’ uses a modem to connect directly to each other using a simple “in house” developed communication interface.  The only drawback was that every client must establish a point to point connection to all his suppliers one by one in order to send his orders and receive his order confirmations.

With the advent of the Internet, the first Bellidic server was installed.  Every member had his own “in/out box” on the server and with a “lightweight ftp-client application” each member in one run drops the documents into the inbox of the receivers and gets all documents from his out-box.

Because some members began to use Edifact formats, a converter was installed to translate automatically from Edifact to Bellidic and vice versa.

Nowadays the ftp application was replaced by a more secure and stable web-edi application. Other formats where developed and connectors to other platforms are in place.