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For the moment all members of Bellidic are part of the relationship "wholesaler" / "manufacturer" in the world of electrical engineering.  

This relationship can be extended to a simple customer/supplier relationship or any other relationship that requires the transfer of structured data between 2 parties provided that one of the parties of the relationship is linked to the world of electrical engineering in Belgium.

To become a candidate-member of Bellidic simply fill in the membership form and send it to Bellidic.

Upon acceptance by the Board of Directors, a test account will be opened to allow the new Member to communicate with the members of his choice.

The new Member agrees to pay the entry fee and the contribution to the moment of actual data is sent via the Bellidic platform, following the scales fixed annually by the Board of Directors.

Subscription form BELLIDIC manufacturer.doc

Subscription form BELLIDIC wholesaler.doc