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The Bellidic association  is a professional association that brings together wholesalers and manufacturers in the world of electrical engineering. The mission that the association has set is to normailize and facilitate electronic information exchanges between its members.

The Bellidic Platform is the “e-Commerce Platform” developed for the Bellidic-Association. It is used to exchange automaticaly administrative data and documents between wholesalers and manufacturers of electro-technical material in Belgium.

It is an example of a Lowcost - Intelligent – Multi Standard – Multi Platform - EDI system.

Basically the Customers send their orders ('E_Orders') to the Suppliers.

The Suppliers confirms the orders ('E_OrderResponses). They can also send the backorder list (E_Backorders), delivery notes (E-DeliveryNotes) and invoices (E-Invoices) to the Customer.

If needed the Bellidic-system translates the exchanged information from the EDI-standard (Bellidic_text, Edifact, Certipost etc...)  used by the sender to the EDI-standard (Bellidic_text, Edifact, Certipost, etc...) used by the receiver. The system communicates directly with the Bellidic Client Application. Indirectly it connects to different external platforms using the EasyVox-Application developed by Voxistech.